Washington, DC,
The drive from NYC to Washington is uneventful, save for the ride over the Verezzano Narrows Bridge, which is long and high and costs $7.00 to cross but it's worth it because then you're on Staten Island. Yesterday we had a day off, which I spent in a sleepy haze, finally nodding off at WNYU while Tim & Andy recorded some sort of acoustic thingy. I think I was snoring wildly and spitting drool when a pair of tough New York women showed up to do an interview, which I stumbled through as best I could until Andy & Tim showed up, spitting fire. One of the women, Myra, started talking food, & I just went batty: she knows how to make FLAN. I love that shit. She's going to send me the recipe, and a recipe for paella, and she described a very simple thing made of sweet potatoes and more sweet potatoes and garlic, and I just wanted to cry. Thank goodness Chris & Jeannie & Lyle from Matador were taking us out for sushi or I would've started slaughtering pigeons.

I ate everything on my plate and more, abandoned my pals & went to find Nancye, which was a fool's errand because she was simply not at home. I thought, here I am in New York City, it's nighttime, I ain't broke, it's a beautiful warm night... hell I could do absolutely anything. So I hopped on the first subway I could find & went to Queens to join my pals again -- after all, Andy had bought me a cigar. I thought it would be very appropriate, my stomach heavy with raw fish eggs & red bean ice cream, to suck down a big skinny stogey; and maybe it was, but I am once again convinced that cigars are not for me. I mean, I'm not a big fan of scotch, but I was sucking down the Maker's Mark just to wash away the taste of the damned cigar I was trying to smoke, which Andy, by the way, said was quite a good cigar.

I don't believe I mentioned how much fun I had on Sunday night at our rock show at Roseland. I had a fucking ball. I was going nuts, playing for all these sticky-haired kids. And Pavement was great, I thought it was a fine show, they were loose, they were fun. Of course, it all led to a late night & a hangover so I wouldn't recommend it.

Washington DC is such a sprawl. We're staying in a motel 6 halfway between here & Baltimore, where we play tomorrow night. I think I'll sleep alright tonight. Oh, last night at Mark & Kristen's I slept like an angel, on the same couch that made me a hairy ape the last time: I took the dog-hair saturated blanket that was on the couch, off the couch.

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