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 Saturday, 04-30-2005 Mizzou Amphitheatre, Columbia, Missouri,
with tba
The Mizzou Amphitheatre was apparently a failed attempt at making use of a huge swathe of open land somewhere on the University of Missouri's campus. The place opened in 2001, & closed two years later.

Apparently they're relying on us to bring back the golden years. And we're here for them! We'll be rockin in the great outdoors - just like Widespread Panic. Hail! Hail! You all should come out and tell us how we look from 300 yards away.
Saturday, 04-16-2005 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle,
with The New Year, Treasure State
Ah, Seattle! I have missed you. I continue to miss you. Even though you spurned me. Even though you treated me like dirt! Seattle, you bitch! Get off of me!
Friday, 04-15-2005 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco,
with The New Year, Calling All Monsters
I like San Francisco. I like Bottom of the Hill. I like The New Year. I like you - and I don't even know who you are! Oh, what a delightful time.
Thursday, 04-14-2005 Howie & Sons Pizza, Visalia, California,
with The New Year
Howie & Sons Pizza? I find that hard to believe. We'll see what's really happening when we get to Visalia, California.
Wednesday, 04-13-2005 Knitting Factory, Los Angeles,
with The New Year, Doris Henson
It's about time we toured the West Coast with The New Year. Last time we played the Knitting Factory in LA was with Consonant and Chris Brokaw, most of whom are in The New Year anyway so it's really the same show from last time, except the whole thing will be totally different. I don't expect that crazy dancing girl. I expect a dancing girl, but not the same one.

Saturday, 03-19-2005 Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis,
with Malachi Constant, Maps of Norway

We've never played here before, either. Does it exist? I think it does - after all, they have a web site. Is it a nice place? It looks like a nice place. I'll have a drink there. I'll check it out.
Friday, 03-18-2005 The Bottom Lounge, Chicago,
with Whale|Horse, Mirror America, Sanawon
This will be our first show at this venue. This show is making up for the show in January at the Logan Square Auditorium - a show that was cancelled. This venue is better than that venue, it's an 18 and over show, and we are looking forward to this event.
Friday, 01-07-2005 Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago,
with Lacerati, TBA (maybe Pinebender), Mirror America
What a crazy idea. We decide to play once a year in Chicago, & what do we do? We play the first week of January. That's one way to do it. Be sure to come down, & to bring your friends. It's a big place, that Logan Square Auditorium.
Saturday, 11-13-2004 31st Street Pub, Pittsburgh, PA,
with Karl Hendricks Trio
Pittsburgh should change its name to Funburgh.
Friday, 11-12-2004 Tonic, New York City,
with Karl Hendricks Trio
Have you been to New York? I ask that same question every time we play there. This time is no different from the last time - except that this time, we'll be in New York City.

P.S. Note the time! 10:00!
Thursday, 11-11-2004 Great Scott, Allston, MA,
with Karl Hendricks Trio
Allston is a zombie-filled town not unlike Cambridge. The only difference is that Allston is a well-run community with a healthy economy. The people love their mayor. I love their mayor. I am their mayor!
Wednesday, 11-10-2004 Castaways, Ithaca, NY,
with Karl Hendricks Trio
I've never been to Ithaca, but I've always liked the name. It's sort of like "Ibiza," both in name and in beaches. I've never been to Ibiza either.
Saturday, 11-06-2004 Schuba's, Chicago
When was the last time we played in Chicago? I can't even remember it, that's how memorable it was.
Monday, 07-19-2004 James Blueland, Kobe,
with Meat Eaters, Portcuss, The Squeaks, 25M. Floater
Kobe is Seattle's "sister city." I feel like I've just made love to the sister I never had. Is that good or bad? Are we leaving? Why are we leaving?
Saturday, 07-17-2004 Shelter, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo,
with Melt-Banana, Meat Eaters, Detroit 7
What did we do last night? I can't remember a thing after 4:00 AM. How much did I just pay for that biscuit?

Also: just found out from Isseki, our guide and hero, that Melt-Banana is going to be playing tonight, too. I am paralyzed with delight.

Friday, 07-16-2004 O-Nest, Shibuya, Tokyo,
with Rumtag, Mo'some Tondebender, 25M. Floater
This is a Friday night in Tokyo. You know Friday night, right? Well, this one is in Tokyo. It's a totally different deal.
Thursday, 07-15-2004 Pipe69, Shinsaibashim, Osaka,
with Morgue Side Cinema, 25M. Floater
This is the first show of our 2004 tour of Japan. It is at a club called Pipe69. I'll be playing a borrowed drum kit. The show starts late, and with the 16 hour flight and all I'm going to be pretty drunk by the time we start, sorry guys! But I'll keep it together, just barely. The guy was hoping that more people would show up, but we're totally happy with the crowd, they were into it. I finally offered a drink to that girl over by the bar. Her English was terrible but she was into me.

Saturday, 06-19-2004 Red 16, Columbus,
with Tom Foolery and the Mistakes, Early Empire

Have we ever played in Columbus before? I don't think we have. Then again, I'm no authority. We've played Bowling Green, and we've played Toledo, and Cincinnati and of course Cleveland. But Columbus, I think this is all brand new, and exciting.

This is apparently the very last night of this club's existence, so it should be both festive and sad. Bring your own booze, they say, and bring lots of it!

Friday, 06-18-2004 Easy Street, Bowling Green, Ohio
Last time we played in Bowling Green was many years ago, but it was a damned good time. This time is no exception.

Saturday, 03-20-2004 Red Eyed Fly, Austin, Texas,
with Joel Phelps & the trio, Chris Brokaw, Britt Daniel, Sally Crewe, Thalia Zedek

What a rock show, yes? Stay up late for all the action.
Friday, 03-19-2004 Exodus, Austin, Texas,
with The New Year, CocoRosie, P.W. Long, TV on the Radio, Calexico
Austin is for good times.

Saturday, 11-15-2003 The Knightklub at Alfred University, Alfred, NY,
with Suzanne the Plan

Alfred? I didn't know. Now we will all know.

They say it's at #1 Saxon Drive - though you've probably already guessed as much.

Friday, 11-14-2003 Northsix, Brooklyn, NY,
with The Brought Low, RPG
This will be an all-night rocker. New York City! That's quite a place. Brooklyn is quite a place, too. They actually brag about $1 pool, can you believe it? How can anyone afford to live in that town? How? Rich parents, that's how.
Thursday, 11-13-2003 TT the Bears, Boston,
with On Fire, The Bon Savants
We're going to show up in Boston looking like we've just been eaten by rats.

Saturday, 09-27-2003 Cactus Club, Milwaukee,
with Sunnn o)))

The people in Sunnn o))) used to be in all sorts of "bands" - Engine Kid, Goatsnake, Thor's Hammer, Burning Witch, maybe even Jessamine if we're lucky. Now they play long, slow, loud songs with lots of bass. They're playing the night before in Chicago, the same night we're playing at Schuba's, which is bullshit man! So we set up a show in Milwaukee. It'll be a hoot.
Friday, 09-26-2003 Schuba's, Chicago,
with Karl Hendricks Trio
It's just the two of us bands. Two trios! We are a trio as well. This is clearly stated on our web site.

Saturday, 09-13-2003 31st Street Pub, Pittsburgh,
with Karl Hendricks Trio, Taking Pictures

This is a bar show, not an all-ages show. You know what that means, don't you? Apparently this bar is packed every night with bikers, strippers, crack addicts, murderers, and poisonous snakes. Go to the fucking show!
Friday, 09-12-2003 Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh,
with Karl Hendricks Trio
Andy Warhol Museum? Very exciting. This is an all-ages show.

Monday, 09-08-2003 Abbey Pub, Chicago,
with Loraxx, Dead Electric, .22

This is a benefit for Mike Betts, a fellow we do not know, but who we would like to help. He's got testicular cancer and no insurance. Hopefully soon he'll be winning the Tour de France, but he needs to spend some time in the hospital before that's gonna happen. We're playing third, and we'll probably play nothing but bizarre cover songs, so as not to diminish the splendor of our show at Schuba's later in the month. Okay?

Friday, 05-02-2003 The Hideout, Chicago,
with Chris Fuller

This is sort of an EP release party, though the EP - five acoustic songs, on Touch&Go and 12XU - won't officially be out in the U.S. until May 6th. Fuck! But it should be a fun night. We'll play at least a few acoustic songs, some non-acoustic songs. That is the intention here.

And the real story is that Chris Fuller will open the show, and then Silkworm will play one acoustic set and one amplified set. It'll be like a Dave Matthews show! Just right for such a carefree, sing-me-a-lullaby kind of a town. It will be a fun night, I'm telling you.

Sunday, 04-27-2003 Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas,
with The New Year, Marcus and Brett of Pleasant Grove

Dallas? On a Sunday? Who goes to Dallas on a Sunday? Fools! Fools like us! And fools like you, too, and all of your friends who drove from Muskegon just for this goddamn show.
Saturday, 04-26-2003 Emo's, Austin,
with The New Year, Little Grizzly
The first time we ever played with Bedhead was at Emo's. This was a long time ago, really, years and years, maybe a decade ago. Really. I remember Matt's hair was all fucked up like he'd had brain surgery recently and I thought he was crazy, but I sure did enjoy the show. And what a swell club! The first time I went there I sat in the back room where you're sort of half inside and half outside, and I thought, I could live here. In Austin I mean, but I could probably have just set up shop at Emo's.
Friday, 04-25-2003 Fat Cats, Houston,
with The New Year, Zykos
Alright - alright. The first show on our first Texas tour since... since... oh, gosh, since 1997. And we're touring with The New Year in a big fat van, big enough for about twelve very large BBQ-infested rockers. Can you imagine? Can you dig it?

Sabato, 03-29-2003 INIT Club, Roma, Italy,
with other bands, not sure who

Rome, and then home.
Venerdi, 03-28-2003 La Corte dei Miracoli, Siena, Italy
What is this? The Court of Miracles, something like that? I believe Italy is filled with miracles, this night being yet another.
Giovedi, 03-27-2003 Bacheloor, Fano, Italy
Fano is near Ancona, I hear. We are back in Italia at this point, and enjoying it, even if the weather is not what it could be. We have grown considerably in such a short time.
Mercoledi, 03-26-2003 MKNZ, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia
I wasn't sure whether or not this show was happening, but of course it is. I know this, because I am writing these notes on the very night of the show! Fuck!
Martedi, 03-25-2003 Walkow, Vinkovcic, Croatia,
with i dunno who
Lunedi, 03-24-2003 KSET, Zagreb, Croatia
I never in my life thought that I would set foot in Croatia. I hear it's lovely there, you should all come out for the show. They say Zagreb makes Paris look like a cesspool.
Domenica, 03-23-2003 The Art and Co Club, Gorizia, Italy,
with nobody knows just who
Gorizia? I thought they were joking, I thought they were pulling our leg! But here we go, over the top of the world.
Venerdi, 03-21-2003 Centro stabile di Cultura, Schio, Italy
The first show. We should still be slender at this point. Schio is near Venice. Venice is strange.

Saturday, 01-18-2003 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis,
with Dianogah

We like this place, too. What's the point of touring the Midwest in January though? Fucking cold! Whatever happened to that Texas tour we'd planned? We should be touring Brazil! Fuck this shit! Go to the fucking show! We can stay warm together.
Friday, 01-17-2003 The Cactus Club, Milwaukee,
with Dianogah
We like Milwaukee, and we like this little club. That's at least part of why we play here more than anywhere else on earth. We also like Dianogah! And so do you, so you should come.

Saturday, 01-11-2003 The Crocodile Cafe, Seattle,
with Consonant

Home is home. I do like Chicago, where I'm living now, but still it'll be good to go home. We haven't played at this club in a while. It will feel like a journey through time, like time-travelling.
Friday, 01-10-2003 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco,
with Consonant, Chris Brokaw, Straight to Video
Maybe too early to say anything about this - but fuck it! It's coming up too soon. So I am sayin. But I am not sayin where it might be because I do not know for certain.

Yes it is happening. I am excited for it.

Thursday, 01-09-2003 The Knitting Factory, Los Angeles,
with Consonant, Chris Brokaw
I think this is happening. We bought airplane tickets, so it looks like we'll be in town around then. Hopefully we'll all be playing at this club. It'll be fun, right? Right?

That's right - we're playing here. And it will be fun.

Friday, 10-25-2002 The Beat Kitchen, Chicago,
with Black Lipstick, My Business Failed in Three Weeks

What a show! What a show! Come early and eat dinner, they've got damned good food at the Beat Kitchen. And come early for the fine music! Have you heard about My Business Failed in Three Weeks? I know you have. Have you heard about Black Lipstick? You will not only hear about them, you will hear them and see them perform at this concert.

This was briefly scheduled for Saturday, but everyone wanted to see Destroyer at the Abbey, so we moved it. Can you dig it?

Saturday, 07-27-2002 The El Rey, Los Angeles,
with Mission of Burma

This place appears to be a big ol' classic place. All I care is that there's a celebrity there, just one; and that Sam and all the other cows are in town, because I'm sure my brother's gonna be gone. Oh, he will be sad! I'm sad, too. But still, it'll be a gas; and we'll carry on like there's no tomorrow, because it will be the last show of this brief but exciting rock and roll experience.
Friday, 07-26-2002 The Fillmore, San Francisco,
with Mission of Burma
I'm excited to go to San Francisco, too. I like this town. Good friends! And such a moist mist blows in off of the shark-filled waters. It fills my lungs with barf!
Wednesday, 07-24-2002 Experience Music Project, Seattle,
with Mission of Burma
I get to go home! Home, home, home! I'm jumping like a bunny rabbit. I'm excited, I didn't think we'd be playing Seattle for years to come. And with Mission of Burma! And with a day off on Thursday! All of this just makes me ooze.

Saturday, 07-13-2002 The Knitting Factory, New York City,
with Consonant and Saturnine

This show, oh this goes without saying. Old friends who I miss dearly, and good friends, and new, and oh this big city, have you been there? I have been there, so I am speaking with the voice of experience.
Friday, 07-12-2002 TT th' Bears, Boston, Massachusetts,
with Consonant and Saturnine
This is another show that has tremendous potential to keep me up late into the night. Lots of pals! We're all in it together. We are all pals. You come too.

Saturday, 06-22-2002 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, Minnesota,
with Volante

One early all ages show! That's fucking good news. And then the later show, that one's for the drunks! Not that all ages shows aren't for drunks, too - kids are drunks!

Saturday, 06-15-2002 the Abbey Pub, Chicago, Illinois,
with Consonant, The Kadane Brothers

This is a show to commemorate the release of our big new record, the one we call Italian Platinum. Matt and Bubba will be there, and Clint and Chris and the other guy who's name I can't remember, and we might talk Kelly Hogan into singing a song though I won't guarantee it, and then everything will fall into that old familiar drunken mess that we all know and love! Fucking oh right on yeah yeah!
Friday, 06-14-2002 Cactus Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
with Consonant, the Kadane Brothers
Consonant is Clint Conley's new band. He used to be, and still is, in Mission of Burma. The Kadane Brothers, Matt and Bubba, they used to be in Bedhead, now they're in The New Year.

Tuesday, 06-04-2002 The Beat Kitchen, Chicago, Illinois

This is a "record release party," not a rock show. Sort of a "listening party," that sort of thing. Funny. But you know, the Beat Kitchen has damned good food, and lots of booze; so it's a good excuse to rage on a Tuesday night. We'll sit around the front room & do our thing; then at 10:30, we get to go in the back room, the big room, and I think Tim's gonna play some records, and we're all going to party like the party never stopped.